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Harmony is cooperative

Harmony is synergy

Harmony builds community

Harmony blends unique, individual voices

Harmony is empowering

Harmony is a higher order

Harmony requires listening

Harmony is complimentary

Harmony is disarming

Harmony is sensual

Harmony is balance

“Harmony is the essence of health in our system”.

The Complete Guide To Sound Healing- David Gibson

“ I believe that from the earth emerges a musical poetry that is by the nature of its sources tonal. I believe that these sources cause to exist a phonology of music, which evolves from the universal, and is known as the harmonic series.”

Leonard Bernstein

“Peace, as a frequency, is always humming”.

The Complete Guide To Sound Healing- David Glmore 

“The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their divine nature. Not enlightenment.”

Pythagoras 569-575 BC

Something about Jim

Jim, with a degree in Expressive Arts from Sonoma State, has been singing harmony since 1969 in A cappella Gold at Sonoma State College; Pop Tops a cappella; gospel choir Wings of Glory; Inspiration Gospel A cappella; One Heart Choir, Center for Spiritual Living; Harmony Club (as a part of the Love Choir); Guerillacappella (monthly a cappella open mike at Gaia’s Garden Restaurant in Santa Rosa).

He believes making harmony enables harmony in one’s life.

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