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Guerillacapella hits the stage for a single show.

Join us on our harmonic journey while we co-create community, good vibes and joy in our neighborhood. We will have new material and special guests.

Please take a moment to check out this preview of Michael Stillwaters new movie

About the film:

In a society where people are measured according to the prowess of their performance, early childhood criticism of the sound of our voice or comparing our expression to others may contribute to hiding our singing voice and creativity.

Fear of singing has become a kind of silent, global epidemic.

I like listening to harmony. I didn't know that:

Harmony is cooperative

Harmony is synergy

Harmony builds community

Harmony blends unique, individual voices

Harmony is empowering

Harmony is a higher order

Harmony requires listening

Harmony is complimentary

Harmony is disarming

Harmony is sensual

Harmony is balance

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