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Lori C. Sonoma County

I attended Jim's harmonic workshop last night--did I say 'workshop'? How about party! Jim led us with easy grace, from silence to listening, to following, to swaying blended song. A playful, positive, accepting space for people to tune into each other and go deep. A place to find your own voice, get comfortable with it and love its vibrations. Several people said they'd been told as children that they "couldn't sing". Well, everybody sang and it was powerful. Jim's got an important message and a method that makes us all into harmonizers, resonating with each other and the universe. An active sound healing, community-building, peacemaking--a joyful noise.

Thank you for the fun evening.

It was amazing and so much more then I expected.

I look forward to the next one. Hope it will happen soon.

Ashira B. Marin County

Thank you for sharing your expertize and your contagious passion for Cappella. It was a joy to be a part of the gathering and share in the vocal music of the moment. A time where harmony is present and filled with joy.

Ema D. Marin County

I especially enjoyed the different parts you gave us and the way almost everyone was listening and blending. Thanks!



Your sound bath is healing, helping me to pull out of tinnitus suffering,( head ringing,) by concentrating on making new repetitive note patterns in sound , that temporarily re -patterns my brain waves. It can be done on one's own, yet it is more fun, and quite effectual in the group circle setting!!

Thank you,


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