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"Alignment with the harmonic series is a flowing path of ease and grace. It is through resonance that the universe converses. Chinese Tao, Polynesian Mana, Christian Holy Spirit, these are all representations of the divine order of resonance.”


We are immersed in a bath of frequencies, a storm of radiant signals swirl around and through us. This is modern life for us. For instance: have you ever stood in front of a microwave while it is heating something? Did you feel anything? Maybe, maybe not. But the signal from that appliance is irrefutable. Our ability to feel it may be in question. Is it good for us to stand in front of a microwave while it is heating something? Experts say no, it is not. Why? Because the frequencies generated have a questionable affect on us and may cause health issues.


My premise is this: by guiding my attention, my intention and my physical proximity to vibrational influences of my choosing, I can experience an “alignment” of my physiology and mental faculties which is more humanistic, wholistic and balanced than the random affects of the multiple vibrational forces at work in the environment: the radio, the computer, wireless tech, etc. These frequencies were designed to operate inanimate devices, cook food, deliver data, not benefit our health or well-being. And our toxic emotions are poisonous Stress will break down our health.


The bottom line here is how we treat ourselves. Modern life has its hazards and toxic influences. We know that meditation, rest, exercise and nutrition are all important factors AND it is historically demonstrated from the references of numerous philosophies and religions that being aware of, and inviting harmony into ones life in the form of vibrations or behavior brings about integration, grace, relieves suffering and clarifies the mind.


A regular practice of listening, participating in and bonding with a community in harmony is a good thing. It will help us all.


In harmony




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