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The Harmonic Method for Wellbeing

We are birthing a wider use of harmony and harmonic elements as a viable language for allowing and encouraging cooperation, deepened relationships and greater understanding.

We hear references to harmony in our relations as well as in our music; we understand the phrase, “good vibes” and then consider it an expression of goodwill. Harmonious relations are grounded in the understanding that we can come together in sentiment and purpose to cooperate and build community. Besides being fun and creating stronger friendships, the practice of harmony has greater social importance in these divisive, politically fractious, and economically challenging times. 

We recognize the voice and vibratory response in each person as an intimate and deeply personal experience. It is unique to each individual and is as personal as fingerprints. We encourage the individual’s access and development of their own harmonic experience by using simple voice and awareness exercises to enliven and engage the individual’s sensations of harmony. This awareness becomes the individual basis for their harmonic grammar: an intimate relationship with their experience of the harmonic sensation.

The Harmonic Method for Well-being develops the tools for this harmonic grammar. The nature of the shared melody/harmony experience creates a synergy that speaks directly to the need for people to connect with others and feel good about playing together. Other musical elements we practice include tension and resolution, listening, silence, good vocal production habits and playing with moving chords, musical and vocal genres as a metaphor for personal interaction.

We, at the Harmonic Method for Well-being, intend to lift up and enliven the participants in our program to experience their unique harmonic sensation. When applied to relations, this personal vision of cooperation and synergy enhances the conscious evolution of our community.

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