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A new kind of math

"A different kind of math

...a description of the world that is feeling- based rather than number-based. Instead of commutative and exhaustive and exclusive, I wanted cooperative and nested an merged. Rumi says, "Why are you so busy with this or that? pay attention to how things blend". Could there be a description of the world that proceeds from the sensibility of union, a language of integration that derives duality, rather than a language like ours that begins with "terms" and tries to resolved them?"      Harmonic Experience     W.A. Mattheiu

My interprertation of this statement is this: We have been in-culturated into a language/theory based system of rational that pre-supposses the superiority of logic, common definitions of words and language and shared value for institutions. With a feeling based sensibility that values synergy and the economy of communication in a shared experience that accepts the individuals embodied sensations as unique, true and valuable. This adds up to new ways of evaluating both our uniqueness and our commonness in more nuamced ways. This new math empowers the individual to be more fully realized as an important facet of the larger picture.

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