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We need community. It is hardwired into our existence that we have good social relations to contribute to our actual health and our emotional wellbeing. Numerous studies and anecdotal evidence supports that fact. Singing together is a number one path for this connectivity. As we exert our singing muscles and join-in with others a place grows within us that enhances these most necessary connections.


Harmony Club launches these inner connections by bringing our attention to our individually unique responses within each of us. No one can express exactly how we, each of us, shapes and express our uniqueness within this context. How we feel, what these sensations may indicate, what we may learn by deep listening and being fully alive to this inner information.


Each moment in harmony brings us qualities of grace, acceptance, intention, community and synergy. To feel these qualities as individuals supports the entire group (and the world) in a shared context of vibrational alignment that displaces fear, isolation and expands our awareness of the benefits we can enjoy by acting in concert with common goals.


It is ultimately about listening to how we feel in a realm of sensation.

In Harmony

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