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Harmony is the interaction of two or more pitches. It can be cacophony or it can be pleasing to the listener. Our interest in harmony is the co-creation of pleasing vocal elements in rhythm. This context invites the listener to become a co-creator and participant with their unique contribution to a unified field of sound. In this moment of whole-body listening, sensation and gentle, vocal production becomes a multi-tasking that is easily overwhelmed by loud projection; voices becoming so dominant that all nuance is lost and the intimacy of softly engaging with a collective becomes an effort which actually buries the nuanced sweetness of blended tones and sonic union.


Soloists and practiced ensembles work at projecting, blending and being heard by an audience. In our work we are focused upon our individual experience and the internal discovery of how we access our voices, how we listen to ourselves, what happens when we know we are included, contributing and important to the whole community of sound.


My voice is my most intimate contribution to my world. My insides, my emotional fabric, is riding on the vibrations I emanate through the narrow passage of my vocal cords. Breathing and sounding are the portals that display my emotional and psychic state. If I listen intently, I will feel into my condition or read into the words of another as indicative of their emotional state. Personally, I can feel tension, negativity, fatigue, hunger, or happiness, belonging, satisfaction and fulfillment in how I am breathing, talking and singing. This self-knowing is invaluable. The sensations created in harmony are markers or touchstones to my inner life.


As a practice, opening to harmony and elements of harmony contribute to my ability to create and hold healthy boundaries, to respond with compassion and empathy, co-create in community and include each contribution as integral to my well-being. I strive to become more sensitive, more inclusive and enabling of the strengths and sensitivity of others. This is an empowerment that contributes to my well-being and extends to the world inclusively.


In Harmony



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