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Follow That Sound

(We can) “Love the refining of mere vibration, those waves on your very shore. You can latch onto a single musical sound as if it were a material ray flying you through frightened air. The ray will guide you. It is the “it” we all have, and it is enough.” Allaudin


I believe we, with very few exceptions, have this intrinsic ability. It is that which is moved in us when we listen to music, or when we listen deeply to our inner voice, as our bodies speak to us in ways we feel instead of ways we “think.” We actually generate a biochemical response to external stimuli. When we are immersed in an energetic field of pleasing harmony, rejection and fear are moved aside and the chemistry of belonging is enabled. Oxytocin is one of these naturally created ingredients that flood us with good feelings of belonging and safety. It feels good as we wrap ourselves in the sensations that result from this immersion into a sonic bath of co-creation.


As Sound Healing is a recognized therapy for well-being, when we are the originator of those healing vibes, we cannot but benefit more wholly as we are consciously bringing ourselves to the threshold of our inner world to meet, and embrace the stimuli of our environment. We are expanded. We are an integral piece of the universe and our voice in a resonant, vibrational alignment with the universal truth in that moment. There is a place for every voice in its uniqueness to fit in and to contribute and to receive the power of this awareness.


Feeling our way is intuitive. Knowing our way is intellectual. As we become accustomed to feeling we start to know and become comfortable with our place in the context of belonging. The “it” referred to above is a venue for self-discovery, a path to inner understanding and a safe place to heal from the cacophony of life. We can enable this venue to the benefit of our well-being.

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